5 February 2014

Too Long, Didn’t Read

This post is about the “TL;DR” thing.  If you’re not aware, it means, “Too Long; Didn’t Read”.  It’s irritating to see, and I pretty much hate it.

“Look at that… jeez… it would probably take me like two minutes to read that… nope. TLDR.”

If I post something on Facebook about some article that was mildly amusing, I’ll understand if you didn’t read it.  When I come across long articles that look interesting, but I just don’t have time, then I skip it.  I totally get it.

BUT.  If somebody tells me about it later, says that I should really read it, I try take a few minutes to read it.  Especially if it seems important.

When I write you an email, especially when it’s specifically to you or to a very limited audience, I expect you to read it.  I spent a lot of time on it: the longer it is, the more time I spent on it.

So when you respond with, “TLDR” or some derivative, it means you don’t care about what I’ve said.  Not even enough to skim it.  Seriously, I can skim a two-page email in a couple of seconds if I need to.  In about as much time as it took for you to click “reply,” type in “TLDR,” and hit the send button.

Good friends read.  Acquaintances skim.  Assholes respond with “TLDR”.

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