29 January 2014

Excuses and Respect

I hate excuses.  I really hate them.  Trying to get something figured out, get people together, or whatever, and somebody throws out an excuse.

I can’t make it, I just don’t have the time.

That’s a shitty excuse.  “I don’t have time” is like the most over-used excuse ever.  It’s right up there with “I don’t have any money.”

I remember back when I smoked.  Sometimes it was once an hour, once every few hours, or four packs in as many hours (especially when I was out drinking with friends).

Anyway, there were always those times where I couldn’t do something because I didn’t have money.  Couldn’t go to a friend’s place, go out for supper with a buddy from out of town, whatever.

But when I needed smokes, the green just magically appeared.  I don’t even remember how.  Maybe I wrote bad checks.  Maybe it was money I found under the cushions of the couch.  But the money was always there when I needed smokes.  I’d stay home from work if I didn’t feel good, but I sure as hell would leave the house to pick up those smokes, didn’t matter if I had the plague and had to steal the neighbor’s car.

“I know you just got into town, and I haven’t seen you for like a decade, but I don’t have time.  And I’m broke.”  Then I hang up my phone, put the car into park while I run into the gas station to get a box of donuts and a couple packs of smokes.  All so I can go home and play some shitty RPG on my expensive console that I didn’t have the time or money for.

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