January 29

Excuses and Respect

I hate excuses.  I really hate them.  Trying to get something figured out, get people together, or whatever, and somebody throws out an excuse.

I can’t make it, I just don’t have the time.

That’s a shitty excuse.  “I don’t have time” is like the most over-used excuse ever.  It’s right up there with “I don’t have any money.”

I remember back when I smoked.  Sometimes it was once an hour, once every few hours, or four packs in as many hours (especially when I was out drinking with friends).

Anyway, there were always those times where I couldn’t do something because I didn’t have money.  Couldn’t go to a friend’s place, go out for supper with a buddy from out of town, whatever.

But when I needed smokes, the green just magically appeared.  I don’t even remember how.  Maybe I wrote bad checks.  Maybe it was money I found under the cushions of the couch.  But the money was always there when I needed smokes.  I’d stay home from work if I didn’t feel good, but I sure as hell would leave the house to pick up those smokes, didn’t matter if I had the plague and had to steal the neighbor’s car.

“I know you just got into town, and I haven’t seen you for like a decade, but I don’t have time.  And I’m broke.”  Then I hang up my phone, put the car into park while I run into the gas station to get a box of donuts and a couple packs of smokes.  All so I can go home and play some shitty RPG on my expensive console that I didn’t have the time or money for.

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January 29

What’s Going on Here?

I’ve re-engineered this website.  I’ve removed all the users, deleted all the posts.

It’s a brand new day.

I’m tired of holding things back.  Tired of rewriting the same thing five different times before I post it, just because maybe that first version might piss somebody off.

Prepare to be pissed off.

If you know me, you probably know that I’m usually pretty reserved.  I pick my words carefully, go with the “politically correct” approach, and I’m usually pretty careful about not offending anybody.

This isn’t politically correct.  Probably not grammatically correct, either.

My intention here isn’t to call anybody out on their bullshit.  I’m going to use the “first person” perspective of writing, and I’m going to say “you” a lot.  I’m not talking about you, though.  If I say something that strikes a cord, fine, let it strike.

This ain’t about you.

Maybe you said something to me that struck a cord with me. It invoked some memory of a time where I did something, and now I’ve gotta talk about it.  Because that’s how the human brain works: we remember things by relating them to one another. So if I piss you off because I sound like I’m talking directly to you, fuck right off.   Remember what I said a little bit ago?

This ain’t about you!

Welcome to my world.  My brain just opened up and shit all over the page.  You’re about to get a peek at my (crazed) sanity.

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