April 24


My name is Slaughter (aka Daniel Falconer). I’m a geek.

This is my website. Well, it’s one of them. I have quite a few.

This website’s purpose has changed with time. Originally–as in the day I registered “crazedbuzz.com”–I did it because it matched my Xbox Live handle. Because I usually went by “crazedsanity,” but that wasn’t available. Why? I don’t know. I have a Twitter handle that matches. I don’t know why that is the way it is, either.

This is a place where I go to unleash the stuff that’s eating at my brain. It’s not pretty. It’s not politically correct. It’s likely full of cussing and things that I normally wouldn’t say.

The posts aren’t about you, they’re about me. Or someone that I saw today. Or, hell, they might be about you. If you get offended… well… stop reading it.

Nobody else gives a shit anyway. 🙂