20 November 2020

The Thing About the Apocalypse

A thought struck me last night, about the apocalypse.

It seems like there’s a fair number of people that would “like” to live in a world with zombies. Or something like the world of Mad Max. Where things are simpler, albeit more brutal.

But those are post-apocalyptic settings. After the apocalypse hit.

Nobody wants to live at the start of the apocalypse. Or during it.

Because the apocalypse means lots of people die. It means watching friends and family get sick and die. Or become monsters of one sort or another.

Getting to the post-apocalypse means people had to live through it. It means people had to witness the apocalypse happening, survive through it while everybody was dying, and come out the other side.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. It’s not like this pandemic is really an apocalypse. Right?

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