May 14

About William B. (McLean) Falconer

This is the preface to a series of posts I will be making about my Grandfather, William B. (McLean) Falconer. They are direct excerpts from the book, “Rhymes of a Pioneer, A Burleigh County Pioneer” that he wrote.

William B. (McLean) Falconer, son of Daniel A. Falconer, an 1871 Dakota Pioneer, and Effie McLean, also a Pioneer, was born on April 23, 1889, on Section 26 in Lincoln township, Dakota Territory, where he has lived for over 70 years.

He was married to Kathryn Lewis in 1918. He voluteered for service with Company A in 1917, but was rejectd.

Father of three boys and one daughter, three of whom served their country in the last World War, and one son in Korea.

Attended grade school in Lincoln school District and high school in old William Moore school in Bismarck.

He served ten years as a member of the North Dakota State Legislature, where he made a vigorous effort to support legislation that would do the greatest good for the greatest number.

He was state purchasing agent for two and one-half years. Served as clerk and director of Lincol School District for thirty years and as Burleigh County Judge since February 2, 1949.

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