2 July 2014

The No-IP.com Takedown: Sue Microsoft

Did you hear the latest shit that Microsoft pulled?  They took over 22 domains previously owned by No-IP.com.

WHY?  Because a bunch of hosts on No-IP’s domains were being used to distribute malware.  And Microsoft’s infrastructure couldn’t handle it.

SUE MICROSOFT.  If you have the capability, sue those bastards.  We need to send Microsoft the message that they can’t just do whatever they want just because they’ve got lawyers and money.

Real people with those problems would–or at least should–work with the provider.  They would go to No-IP.com and tell them about the hosts that are propagating this shit, and get them to stop.  Not go through the court system and steal shit.

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Posted July 2, 2014 by Slaughter in category "Rant