1 September 2014

I Want to Build a Game

I really want to build a game.  I’ve had so many ideas for games, and I really want to make them, but something always stops me.

“What stopped you,” you ask?  Well, it seems like the biggest show-stopper has been graphics.  I’m not very good at creating them.  I’ve tried to get help in the past, and I’ve actually had one or two people that seemed really interested in it… but there was never any actual involvement from them.

Honestly, I really wanted to build these games with my friends.  Sitting at a computer, across from one of my buds, talking about the game and hammering out code.

Each time I’ve tried to get interest in it, I end up being the one that’s sending out all these requests (usually in the form of emails) for input, and not getting anything in return.

“Yeah, I want to help.  I just don’t have any time.”

“Sure, I’ll help.  I’ll get something together for you next week.”

Hell, I’ve even started working on games with others on their concepts.  Where they came to me, told me about this game they wanted to develop, and I started sinking a bunch of time into it.  What did I get?  A bunch of notes and code about this project that went nowhere.

Where am I going with this?  I have no idea.  I’m just throwing some frustration out there in the world.  Probably to be chewed-up and spat out by more search engines than real people.

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