The Death of Buzzkill

Did you try to go to, and now find yourself wondering how you got here?  Probably not, unless you’re a mindless bot.  But if you’re reading this (and are not said bot), you deserve an explanation. isn’t dead.  It’s still around, but it redirects to here.  I got tired of maintaining it–or, more accurately, fixing it when I realized it was broken–so I just redirected it to this website.  If you want to know who I am, go here.

It really wasn’t doing anything anyway.  There was a gallery, which showed some crappy old images that me and a buddy created a couple decades ago, and showed blog posts from  So for now and the indeterminate future, you’ve landed yourself at it’s new home.

Oh, if you’ve got yourself a spiffy email, don’t worry.  That’ll work just like before. 🙂