February 19

Beware the five o’clock stupids

My brain gets a little “squishy” after working on something for awhile.  Pounding away at the same thing gets a little monotonous.  Over.

And over.

And over.

And over.

And over.

And oevr.

And orev.

And voer.

Adn over.

And oevr.






(see what I did there?)

Wait… what do you mean you can’t find /lib/std++.so?  WTF IS THAT?  Oh… shit…

At 5:00, relative to your timezone.  Stupid strikes.  BEWARE THE FIVE O’CLOCK STUPIDS.

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  • Mabailey

    What if stupid strikes long before 5:00? I’m on my 5th straight week of Mondays! 🙁

    • They can strike any time, they’re just most likely to hit at 5. Where 5:00 is actually just whatever time you’re supposed to get off; if you work until 2am, you can get “the 5 o’clock stupids” right then too.

      • Mondays may be the worst, though. On Friday the 13th, people get all freaked out, like it’s such a bad day… personally, I’m that way on Monday the 13th. I can deal with a psychopath on Friday. But not Monday.